At OGBC, we have a rich assemblage of Educative and Entertaining programs.

From our programs on our morning belt, Morning Flight to the last program of the day at midnight, the programs are designed with you in mind and to help you relax after the day’s work.


  • Sunday Morning Live on FM: 08:30-09:30am (Sunday)
  • Golden Oldies: 16:45-17:00 (Sunday)
  • Morning Flight: 7:00- 9:00am (Monday – Friday)
  • Entertainment Extra: 12:30-15:45pm (Monday – Friday)
  • Ki Lon Sele: 15:45- 19:30pm (Monday – Friday)
  • Oju Oja: 09:00-12:30pm (Monday)
  • Amuseya: 09:00-12:30pm (Tuesday)
  • Koma lo be: 09:00-12:30pm (Wednesday)
  • Meet the Press: 18:30-19.30pm (Thursday)
  • Jimoh Oloyin: 09:00-12:30pm (Friday)
  • Health Line: 15:00- 15:30pm(Friday)
  • Moroun to Dun: 10:33- 11:30am (Friday)
  • Sisi Ologe: 14:30 – 15:00pm (Friday)
  • Friday Night Out: 22:00–00:05 (Friday)
  • It’s Our World: 9:00-10:00am (Saturday)
  • Saturday Sports Special: 13:00-14:00pm (Saturday)
  • Youth Scene: 15:45-16:15pm (Saturday)