About Us


The Corporation was established by the Ogun State Government Edict No 3 titled “Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation Edict 1976” as contained in the Government Gazette No. 6 Volume 2 of February 1977.  The edict was amended in 2000, 2006 and 2011 respectively as Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation (OGBC). The Corporation formally commenced transmission in Abeokuta on 9th December 1976. The FM Station came on stream in November 1991 and transmits on a frequency of 90.5 FM.

The Station continued to live up to the bidding of the founding fathers that is, to serve as a model for other radio stations in the country, thus maintaining the lead as the nation’s model station as well as meeting the challenges of modern-day broadcasting.

Ogun Radio brought total change to radio programming with the introduction of highly informative, educative and entertaining quality programmes, such as, “Press Report”, “Sunday Morning Live On FM”, “From the Dailies” and “Lati Inu Iwe Iroyin” among others.

The review of newspapers which virtually all broadcast media have adopted is still best presented most listened to throughout the Southwest on OGBC 90.5FM in English and Yoruba languages.


The Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation Law 2000 (No.10) empowers the Corporation to provide in accordance with the provisions of the Law, Radio and other Broadcasting Services for the entire State on behalf of the Government of the State (Sec. 2(1); 6 (a to m). Like other media organizations, OGBC has its main functions, the tripartite role of Informing, Dissemination of high-quality news, Educating, Enlightening and Entertaining the teeming listeners.


Repositioning OGBC to an enviable position in the forefront of broadcasting, to serve as a credible, reliable and dependable medium of information dissemination within and outside Ogun State as well as on the international scene.


  • To make OGBC a front liner in radio broadcasting in Nigeria in consonance with its appellations as “The Nation’s Model Station” and “The Station of the Moment in Touch with the Future!”
  • To make OGBC an efficient vehicle of mass mobilization for social and economic development in a fledgling democracy, while serving as a two-way channel of communication between the government and the governed.
  • To showcase Ogun State in the Global Village for both cultural and economic gains.


The signal of our FM Channel is clearly received in Ogun State and in the neighboring States of Oyo, Lagos, Osun, Ondo and part of Edo.  We are also received clearly in the Benin Republic.

The aggregate audience, which the transmitter effectively covers, is of tremendous benefit to advertisers particularly the multi-national companies and Evangelical Associations who should avail themselves of the advantages.

The FM Channel is basically directed at the elitist urban populace and much of its programme content is high in entertainment with appreciable percentages for information and education of the listeners. The transmitting studio is at the OGBC Complex, Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta.


The FM channel studio is located within the Corporation Corporate Head Office, OGBC Complex, Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta.


As a testimony to the station’s high rating as the toast of listeners in the Southwest of Nigeria, in 2011 alone, OGBC won the award for Special Recognition by NBC/YemiSonde Media Forum, also award for TMTO (Total Mode Turn Over) as the most popular educative programme and for consistent professional performance in Radio Broadcasting was received.

In 2012, the station won the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission award for the best radio programming contents in the Southwest.  Likewise, in the year 2016, the Lisabi Descendants Alliance, Abeokuta award the Station with the Radio Station of the year.

Other notable awards include:

  • Alawiye Showbiz Ventures: Most supportive Media Organization – Award to OGBC in Commemoration of Alawiye Federation 15th year 26th April 2018
  • NBC Yemi Sonde: Broadcast Media Stakeholders Forum 2015 – Special Recognition.
  • 2017 Radio Station of the Year: Award presented to OGBC Abeokuta – Lisabi Descendants Alliance Abeokuta.
  • Honourary Award as Broadcasting Station of the year 2016: By Physically Challenged Association of Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter (PCAN)


OGBC structure is pyramidal, with the Board of Directors at the apex followed by the General Manager, Management and other functionaries.


The Board of Directors, the highest policy-making body of the Corporation is directly responsible to and appointed by the State Governor.


The day-to-day running of the Corporation is entrusted to the General Manager as the Chief Executive Officer/Accounting Officer of the organization.

Mrs. Toyin Sogbesan, General Manager.