FIFA Appoints Nigerian As Football Agents’ Working Group Member


The World Football Governing Body (FIFA) has appointed Nigerian football agent, Mr. Michael Sodeke as a member of the Football Agent Working Group (FAWG)

The appointment was confirmed In a letter dated January 31, 2023 and signed by the Chief Legal and Compliance officer of the apex football ruling body, Emilio Garcia

The letter explained that (FAWG) will play a key role in issues relating to affairs of football agents across the world, the group will also be part of possible future amendments or changes to the FIFA Football Agent Regulations.

The appointment came after FIFA officially incorporated and gave full recognition to the African Football Agents Association (AFAA).

Mr. Michael Sodeke is the President of African Football Agents Association, the body overseeing the affairs of Football Agents on the continent.

AFAA recently held a football conference in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory where top football agents across Africa were present


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