MMA Set To Feature At 2024 National Sports Festival


President of Nigeria Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF) Henry George is confident that the sport will get the nod to feature at the National Sports Festival sooner than expected.

George made this known in an interview on Thursday, few days after the Ministry of Youth & Sports Development announced the recognition of the Mixed Martial Arts Federation which gave birth to the existence of the Federation in Nigeria.

He said this development was part of the aims and objectives of the Federation and he’s confident the sports will make its debut in the next festival to be hosted by Ogun State.

“We are going to the National Festival, at the last edition in Asaba, we were there as a demonstration sport and that’s one of the criterion to be among the sports for the festival.”

“We are on the journey, we had the second demonstration at the Onikan Stadium, which Ministry of Sports also supervised. So we hope to be at the next national sports festival.”

He added that the National youths games is also a target for the Federation.

“Also the National youth games, we working towards that, we have all the structures.

“The youth aspect of MMA is very high, we have world championship tournament for the youths,

So there is a huge plans for the youth games and I’m not we will be at the next edition. We are working.

“We have what it takes to make the Sports flourish here. The coaches, the athletes and the audience.” He concluded.


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