Benkof Launches Sportskits Range, Ready To Hit The Nigerian Sports Environment


Benkof Sportswear, a leading sports retail firm based in India has announced plans to enter the Nigerian Market as part of its continental expansion plans.

The Chief Executive Officer of Benkof Sportswear brand, Mr Ben Eniwo made this known virtually, while addressing newsmen on Sunday evening.

The Indian based Nigerian entrepreneur said Benkof Sportswear is committed to making sports outfit accessible and affordable to every Nigerian.

” The dream of running a sports brand had been initiated in me even during my playing days.

” Benkof will be starting off with branding of football clubs for a start not just kitting league club sides but also reaching out to the streets and as such we have various packages that will benefit the youth club sides more known as boys clubs in Nigeria.

” Our vision is to reach out to other sports after we must have come into the market with plans to spread to other nearby African countries

” We are known for our value in delivering the latest quality performance sportswear around at a very affordable price. He noted.

” Having played in the Nigerian league I know how it is to be play under the sun with thick fabrics and in terms of designs we have a strong team that will be bringing in new and eye catching designs not just club but to fans as well.

” Lots of research has been made to make sure fabrics and colours used will go along with the Nigerian weather as some colours attract heat

” Our range of brand and delivery is in accordance with the changing market demand and customers feedback. We are ready for the emerging market and we promise to serve the Nigerian sporting masses with affordable cost for good value.

The resourceful brand manager also revealed some of the benefits that would be enjoyed by intending football club sides who patronise their sportswears.

” We are taking professional kit branding to a whole new level in Nigeria, there are alot of incentives that comes along with using the Benkof brand.

” Apart from it’s high quality, Benkof Sportswear will also organise international inviatational tournaments for clubs using the brand during pre-season.


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