Governments At All Levels Told To Harness Opportunities In The Sport Sector.


Sporting Activities if well managed and monitored by concerned authorities well go along way in enhancing socio-economic development.

The former national 400 meters record holder, Chief Falilat Ogunkoya Omotayo handed this down while featuring on OGBC Sunday Morning live in FM.

            Chief Falilat Ogunkoya Omotayo

According to her, Sporting world comprises of talented Youth who want to explore their talents but do not have encouragement from concerned authorities.

Chief Omotayo who also won the all Africa games Gold, noted that youth as the future leaders of the nation if given the needed attention will give their all and will in turn around the fortunes of Nigeria.

She therefore urged government to give the sporting world the needed attention as it is a productively venture for the sustenance of the Nations Socio-economic growth.



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