Expert Commends Ogun Agencies for their Efforts in bringing down the rate of Malnutrition.

Mrs Bola Adeyemo

People have been told to pay good attention to nutrition because you are what you eat.

Mrs Bola Adeyemo discussing the topic: Malnutrition among Children and the Fate of the Nigerian Child on OGBC Morning Flight this Wednesday said even the rural areas where we all believe the dwellers have access to fresh foods, it is worrisome to know that most of them in the rural areas don’t eat well.

Adeyemo a Partner with HarvestPlus a global organization that is committed to breeding and dissemination of biofortified crops commended Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme (OGADEP) and the state Ministry of Education for their efforts in stemming the tide of Malnutrition in  Ogun State.

She want all and sundry most especially parents to be watchful when choosing what they feed their children with because the rate at which stunting is limiting the potentials of children in Nigeria is alarming adding that we need to join hands together to bring down the numbers of malnourished children in Nigeria which she said can only be achieved if every home sees it as a point of duty.


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