The Next Dispensation in Nigeria and Issues that will shape it. Our Focus on OGBC Morning Flight this Monday.


The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and members of House of Representatives and government officials, but the voters of this country. We should all face the reality that the government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. It is no more news that election has come and gone in Nigeria and the electoral umpire had declared winners from all elections conduced between February and March this year. People have also been talking about the successes and challenges recorded by INEC in its conduct of 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Now that we are expecting a new government come May 29th, 2019, it will not be out of place to start talking about those issues that will shape the next dispensation in Nigeria. President Mohammdu Buhari have said the next government will be an inclusive one. How inclusive now depends on what goes to who in terms of appointments. Listening to discussion among Nigerians both politicians and non politicians one will know that lots of permutations are going on concerning who gets what in the new government to be formed.

One major issue among others that people believe it is a factor that will shape the new government is the leadership of the National Assembly. No doubt lots of background works are already going on within the major political parties and among the elected lawmakers. As usual the party has made its intention known while the lawmakers are also saying the choice of who leads each chamber of the National Assembly resides with the lawmakers. And so many activities in that regard are going on within and outside the national assembly but some people have said whoever emerge as leaders in the national assembly is a factor in the next dispensation in Nigeria.

The question this morning are; what in your own view are the issues that will shape the next dispensation in Nigeria? How do you want such issues to be handle? Do you see us faring better in the next dispensation? Let’s talk about it. Your comment will be highly appreciated and aired. Time is 7am. Facebook: ogunradioabeokuta
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