Agriculture Curriculum in Nigerian Schools: Any Link with our Agricultural Drive as a Nation? Our focus on OGBC Morning Flight this Tuesday.


As good as the step by government to improve the Nigerian Agricultural sector and by extension to boost the country’s economy, some are of the opinion that the drive towards diversifying Nigeria’s economy through agriculture will amount to nothing if it is not entrenched in our school curriculum. What is your take? Do you think the link is already there or there is need to create that link as quick as possible?

The concerns of the proponents of linking our agricultural drive as a country to our school curriculum is that with all these efforts towards agriculture from the government, there is no adequate and sustainable provision, legal or policy has been put in place to address the issue of the ageing farming population and youth apathy towards agriculture and they believe this can only be achieved via education. The key challenge is that the present generation of youth has grown up with the wrong perception that agriculture is a dirty and labour intensive activity meant for the poor in rural communities. This has made it more difficult to attract young people into the agricultural sector. Do you think incorporating our agricultural drive into our school curriculum will change this wrong perception about agriculture among our young generation? Let’s have your opinion on this.


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