Curbing Unemployment through Resuscitation of Nigeria’s Textile Industries: How feasible? Our Focus tomorrow on OGBC Morning Flight


Agriculture no doubt has numerous branches that can be of help to our economy as a country apart from food production. One of such branches of agriculture is cotton production and by extension textile industries. Some people have even said if the textile industries in Nigeria are resuscitated, it will stem the tide of unemployment in the country but how feasible is this?

Report also has it that the vision of the present government according to Aisha Abubakar the Minister of State for trade and investment , is to upgrade the GDP and achieving 15% penetration in global textile and garment market by the year 2023. It also aims at “creating employment for approximately one million people by year 2023” and, “achieving 15% of national industrial production”. In another dimension the government stakeholders in the sector to brainstorm on the strategies for achieving government goals of self sufficiency and 20% share in Nigeria’s total export earnings with textiles and garments exports targeted to reach 2 Billion Dollars by year 2025.

The questions this morning are what and what do you think government can do to resuscitate the moribund textile industries in Nigeria? Do you think the Resuscitation of the textile industries can curb the growing unemployment in Nigeria? How will improved cotton production affects the textile industry in Nigeria? Do you think if government assist cotton growers financially it will help the industries to bounce back? Let’s talk about it.



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