Safety in Nigerian School: What are the Concerns and Measures to be put in place? Our Focus on OGBC Morning Flight this Tuesday.




There are different safety issues as regard Nigerian Children and their school environment. Some say it is negligence on the part of the school management while others say the authority that oversee the activities of the school has a share of the blame. There is no doubt the Nigerian education sector is facing some challenges at this time but there are some other issues that are avoidable which we still allow to be part of the challenges facing our schools. How can we explain siting a school in a defected building? Don’t we have a specified standard for where a school should be located and what a school environment should look like? Another question is how safe is our school environment?

Join us on OGBC Morning Flight this Tuesday and share your concern about school safety in Nigeria and the measures you think we can put in place to make our school safe for our children?


  1. 1st schools should be sited in a conducive and clean environment, with good structures, aerated and free from hazards, schools should also be fenced for proper security


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